Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Senior Year

1. What is the purpose of your site?
      My purpose for the site is ti show my Girlfriend's photography skills\

2.How do you feel about the final version? are the things you would have added if you had time?
     The Final version is my favorite version, I have to add more pictures to the portfolio. If I had more time it would be to add more pictures to the portfolio.

3. What parts were easy to  complete, and which part required a bit more work for you?
     The easy part was making the other webpages after making the original one. The hardest part was the main page. It took me the majority of the time to make and fix.

4. How did the class work out for you-too easy,too hard,or just right?
     The class was just right!!

5. Does the format of lessons,websites plus teacher work for you?is there anything you would change?

     Everything was great, I love the pace of the class and Ms.Kelly is a rocking teacher!!

6.In the class we are relaxed but does that does not mean there are no expectations.how well do you think this works?should i make changed when teaching this again?

     No keep expectations, without them people will just slack off.

7.You too Ms.Kelly, Thank you for four great years at Sandwich High school; I will miss you